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a pin for holding women's hair in place

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Flanking the centerline from the tips of the roll bar to the threshold are rows of red barettes that make up the side-row lighting mentioned in FAR 91.
In order to save electricity and spare bulbs, someone decided that ALSF-2 could be simplified and shortened by turning off the red side rows, the 500 foot roll barettes, as well as the first 1000 feet of centerline bars; this reduces the white lights to a stubby 1400 feet.
At 200 feet prior, change the white centerline to red and widen it by adding a red barette on each side.
Promoted to "capitaine" at 24, he was awarded the Croix de Guerre and three barettes including the Medaille de Resistance and the Legion d'Honneur.
Contract award: purchase, commissioning, installation and maintenance of a ct scanner 16 barettes.