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a pin for holding women's hair in place

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During a recent renovation of a building in Scranton, pig bones spilled out of a wall but the crew didn't know what they were, Barette said.
Barette Vance moved into a soloist position at PAB this month and has principal aspirations.
Retired executive Colin Barette was on a clear stretch of road between two thick blankets of fog when he was stopped.
Sauve because he was a person of outstanding ability and political legitimacy, but upon his death, the caucus after a good deal of tension and conflict, finally sent forward a unanimous petition with the name of Antonio Barette to the Lieutenant Governor.
The Scagnellis have one grandson, John David, and one great-granddaughter, Barette Terese.
Keith Barette, a director of the Jersey Produce Marketing Organisation, which sells around 75% of the crop, told The Grocer: "No one set out to antagonise retailers deliberately.
Directed by renowned Canadian director Michel Barette, with a live, original musical score by award-winning Broadway composer Michael Valenti, the Big Apple Circus is back in town
Dubai Terry Fox Run Chairman, Dave Barette, welcomed over 60 guests to the ceremony and thanked all involved in putting together the 2009 run, held in December.
The Creative Team: Guide Guy Laliberte Senior Vice President, Creative Content Gilles Ste-Croix Original Idea, Co-Writer, Illusions Designer and Star Criss Angel Director and Co-Writer Serge Denoncourt Director of Creation Pierre Phaneuf Associate Director of Creation Christiane Barette Set Designer Ray Winkler Costume Designer Meredith Caron Composer, Musical Director and Arranger Eric Serra Choreographer Wade Robson Lighting Designer Jeanette Farmer Images and Projections Designer Francis Laporte Sound Designer Jonathan Deans Acrobatic Equipment and Rigging Designer Jaque Paquin Acrobatic Performance Designer Andre Simard Props and Puppets Designer Michael Curry Make-up Designer Nathalie Gagne Illusions Department Director of Illusions John Farrell Show Schedule:
Pennsylvania Ballet apprentice Barette Vance advises, "Turn your slippers inside out.
If it really wonOt behave, clip it back loosely with a pretty clip like NextOs Gem Barette, pounds 4.
She's 34 now, but doesn't look much different to how she did back then - she's still got the red hair, but it's more sleek and groomed, held in place with a sparkling diamante barette.
63) Rapport minoritaire de l'arbitre syndical, Theodore Lesperance, au ministre du Travail, Antonio Barette, dans le conflit oppocant l'Asbestos Corporation Limited et le Syndicat national des travailleurs de l'amiante de l'Asbestos Corporation Limited, 10 decembre 1949, Centre de documentation de la CSN, Fonds de la greve de l'amiante, 123.
David Barette, Chairman of the Terry Fox Run Organising Committee, said: "It's been a wonderful event with dozens of nationalities taking part; it's been a real reflection of Dubai.
Renowned Canadian director Michel Barette returns for his fifth collaboration with the Big Apple Circus.