Barents Sea

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the part of the Arctic Ocean to the north of Norway and Russia

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Statoil has been the guarantor for exploration and development in the Barents Sea since the mid-1980s and we have a clear ambition to remain in that role.
The ship will shortly go to the Barents Sea to practice planned combat training missions and provide support for the flights of pilots from the shipborne fighter wing of the Northern Fleet's naval aviation.
Several activists in mid-September attempted to scale Russia's Gazprom oil platform in the Pechora Sea, part of the Barents Sea, in protest at the firm's exploration in the Arctic.
The Admiral Kuznetsov set sail from the naval base in Severomorsk yesterday, heading toward the exercise area in the Barents Sea," Capt.
The four new licenses in the Barents Sea are a significant expansion of OMV's existing portfolio in this emerging area.
He said: "Traditionally UK companies have seen Norway as a mature market, but these new 'mega-finds' in the Barents Sea and North Sea mean that Norway is in a position where it needs outside resources once more.
The vessel, chartered by Gazprom from Greek owner Dynagas, loaded at Norway's Snoehvit LNG plant in the Barents Sea this week and is heading to Asia, a source with knowledge of shipping schedules said.
Norway and Russia have jointly been managing the resources of the Barents Sea roughly since the end of World War II.
Nevertheless, the Barents Sea looks quite promising area for oil and gas production.
Russia's worst post-Soviet submarine disaster occurred in August 2000 when the Kursk nuclear submarine sank in the Barents Sea killing all 118 crew aboard.
It is certainly true to say the Norwegian Barents Sea cod is a success story.
The agreement was signed in Russia's northern city of Murmansk, a Barents Sea port.
The agreement was signed by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev and Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday in Russia's northern city of Murmansk, a Barents Sea port.
Found in 1988 in the Barents Sea, the Shtokman gas field contains about 19bn barrels of oil equivalent.
ALL 118 crew on board Kursk died when the Russian submarine sank during a routine exercise beneath the Barents Sea.