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Synonyms for barefoot

without shoes

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without shoes on


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They are the Bay State Barefooters, who streak behind speeding motorboats without water skis.
Tremblay, who didn't start barefooting until he was 50, is credited with mentoring most of his fellow barefooters in the group.
John Bartkus, 57, of Leicester, president of the Bay State Barefooters, started barefooting about 30 years ago.
Representing the young blood in the Bay State Barefooters are Kevin Williamson Jr.
If you've ever wanted to release your inner hippy but don't know how to, barefooters.
Locals just referred to them as the Barefooters, for obvious reasons.
These days, the show features about 45 young jumpers, barefooters, wake boarders and pyramids--including 14 skiersin a double-top four-tier heart-stopper.
Barthus learned to ski barefoot by kicking off his slalom ski; today's barefooters learn off a boom on the side of a boat just as water skiers do.
I would expect that by the end of the century we will be heard of and represented just about everywhere, with groups in every state," said Frazine, 48, who leads a 70-member club of barefooters, as they are dubbed, in his hometown.