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With this sort of firepower as cover, the Reds are really down to the barebones and should be taken on.
Presumably there was similar thinking at work back in Puritan times when Praise-God Barebones, colourfully named himself, got his revenge with a son If-Jesus-Had-Not-Died-For- Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned.
While the animation remains at the barebones Flash level, the script (by Simpsons scribe Mike Reiss) never disappoints, juggling witty observations about gay life with some of the most out-there puns you've ever heard.
The company recently expanded into wholesale mortgage lending with its very streamlined approval process and its simple, barebones mortgage product offerings.
With the Marrakech, I am hoping to recapture that ideal, minus the barebones part, in a modern and stylish setting," said Freid, noting that many of the hotel guests hail from diverse locales, such as Australia, Italy, Japan, France, the UK and South Africa.
Husband and wife team, osteopath Austin Smith and Jacqueline Vaneecke (CORR SPELL), a physiotherapist, have set up Barebones, a manual therapy clinic, in High Heaton, Newcastle.
OTCBB:SOYO), a manufacturer of award-winning motherboards, computer peripheral, barebones systems and wireless networking products, has rolled out a pair of motherboards for Athlon 64 processors with many embedded features, advanced technologies and overclocking capabilities.
The conference came a week after the FERC staff released a barebones infrastructure PowerPoint presentation which attempted to burnish the agency's image as a pipeline-approving machine.
Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with an extensive worldwide network of subsidiaries, resellers, partners and suppliers, Shuttle is recognized as a premier manufacturer of motherboards and barebones systems.
Noise and light abatement programs can range from costly ventures involving major renovations to the physical facility to barebones interventions based primarily on common sense.
Four months earlier, 60,000 people gathered in Tonypandy to protest about the cruelty of the new means test regulations bringing further cuts to an already barebones family income.
Ideally, you already have an emergency fund in place for just this sort of possibility, preferably with at least three to six months of cash to cover barebones expenses.
The planning document outlines various options for the future of national work, including eliminating or decentralizing most of its national mission, leaving a barebones structure.
It's a barebones site--a work in progress--that you might want to check in on from time to time for updates.