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a vessel (such as a yacht) that can be chartered without a captain or crew or provisions

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The purchase price is approximately $260 million pursuant to the option under the Bareboat Charter.
And, finally, on graduation day, sailing students leave their instructor on shore and test their new skills during a 24-hour mini-cruise on their own--a key part of the experience for Sarah, who plans a bareboat charter with a friend this summer.
In the agreement signed in November 2013 with Standard Chartered Bank ("SCB") for the sale and bareboat charter of 6 new build vessels, the ownership of the first 3 vessels were transferred in 2013 for US$65 million and the remaining 3 vessels will be delivered to SCB during the second half of 2014.
BOURBON announces the transfer of ownership of 12 vessels to the Chinese company ICBC Financial Leasing ("ICBCL") for a total value of approximately US$ 378 million, as part of the sale and bareboat charter agreement for up to 51 vessels signed with ICBCL on April 9, 2013.
If you've ever done a bareboat charter, you'll know how important these standards of service can be to your enjoyment of an uninterrupted holiday Getting a competent briefing, for a start, can open your eyes to things that you might otherwise miss in the environment, and it can keep you out of the trouble that you might get into through ignorance.
Both parties have signed a memorandum of agreement, and SBM Offshore will charter the vessel under a long-term bareboat charter for a fixed period of 12 years.
BOURBON will continue to operate the two ships for a minimum period of 2 years to a maximum period of 5 years, with an annual bareboat charter cost of 13% of the transaction value.
As part of the terms of the sale deal, SBM Offshore will charter the vessel adhering to a long-term bareboat charter for a fixed 12-year period.
Following the transfer of ownership of the first 9 vessels to the Chinese company ICBC Financial Leasing ("ICBCL") as part of a 51 vessel sale and bareboat commitment and the payment of US$144 million, BOURBON announces that the ten-year bareboat charter period of those 9 vessels by BOURBON will commence today.
As per Ocean Yield, "SBM will have certain options to acquire the vessel during the bareboat charter period, with the first option exercisable after five years.
corresponding to the sale and bareboat charter back for 10 years of up to 51 vessels
4 million relates to the two vessels on bareboat charter.
Upon completing the sale of the Stena Concept, General Maritime expects to enter into a seven year bareboat charter with the purchasers under the same terms as the Genmar Concord and Stena Contest.
The Suezmax tanker Overseas Newcastle earned $26,300 per day under its bareboat charter and achieved average TCE earnings for the third quarter of $14,700 per day (compared to $23,300 per day in the second quarter of 2009 and $55,000 per day in the third quarter of 2008).
The company will carry on to run the vessel and entered into agreement to bareboat charter back the same vessel for four years.