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Bare-knuckle boxing, as the name suggests, is the same as normal boxing but with no gloves.
An insomniac company representative looking to change his life crosses paths with a reckless soap salesman, and the pair decide to start an underground bare-knuckle boxing club in an attempt to feel alive once again.
The annual cinephile smackdown will be themed to the Irish bare-knuckle boxing documentary
Drama starring Liam Neeson as an out-of-work miner in a Scottish town ravaged by unemployment who is forced to turn to illegal bare-knuckle boxing to make ends meet.
He was born in 1873 and took over the Locomotive when he was only about 22, the start of a life in the pub trade that would make him a legend, the ultimate "sporting landlord" who masterminded everything from bare-knuckle boxing to horse-racing and ratting contests.
Anniversaries: 1650: Birth of actress Nell Gwynne, mistress of Charles II; 1882: Birth of Irish novelist James Joyce; 1914: The first Cub Scouts pack was formed in Sussex; 1917: Bread rationing introduced in Britain; 1918: Death of last bare-knuckle boxing champion John L Sullivan; 1943: Remainder of German army surrendered to the Russians at Stalingrad; 1970: Death of philosopher Bertrand Russell; 1972: Dublin mob burned down the British Embassy as protest over Londonderry shootings; 1986: Women were allowed to vote for the first time in Lichtenstein.
Spectators describe it as even more revolting than illegal bare-knuckle boxing which is on the increase in Ireland.
This story has so many textures and personalities, that it really gave us the opportunity to create a diverse language of music for the film," said Zimmer, adding that the music had to "capture the different tones of the worlds Holmes and Watson navigate, ranging from the halls of Parliament to a bare-knuckle boxing ring to the shadowy crypts beneath a cathedral.
GARDAI made a ring of steel around a bare-knuckle boxing fight yesterday afternoon.
1918: The last bare-knuckle boxing champion, John L Sullivan, died.
Later, Alasdair - whose other interests include cage-fighting and bare-knuckle boxing - said on his Twitter account: "Apparently, I split him to the bone.
15pm) Documentary examining the secretive world of bare-knuckle boxing among Ireland's travellers, and how it is used to settle a long-running feud between two rival families 2011 ***
Dave's bass is more tuneful but no less aggressive, the notes skittering around Finn's pummeling drums as though the two were engaged in a bout of bare-knuckle boxing.
The clip showed a white man having a bare-knuckle boxing match in the car park of a pub with an unidentified man of mixed race.