integrated circuit

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a microelectronic computer circuit incorporated into a chip or semiconductor

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Because glob tops form a thicker barrier, they offer more resilient protection than do conformal coatings, and are usually the preferred choice for bare chip devices.
2) Clech in 2004 analyzed some published data (FIGURE 1) expressing the correlations of characteristic life to cyclic shear strain range for bare chip assemblies for SnCu, SnPb and SAC assemblies by trendlines.
Designed for use in emerging applications like Infiniband, 3GIO, intra-switch, and fiber-to-processor environments, this bare chip solution offers a small footprint packed with four channels of 10 Gbps bandwidth.
Elpida plans to ship the new DDR2 as a bare chip for MCP and to configure it for PoP and FBGA packages.
Targeted at MCM Laminate designers, Chip on Board extends VeriBest PCB to enable companies to fully utilize the increased packaging density obtainable with bare chip devices.