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We are alarmed about the situation in Bardera," said Pascal Mauchle, head
Goya's Ghosts," Drama; producer, Saul Zaentz; director, Milos Forman; cast, Javier Bardera, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard.
Most of them were reporting from the so-called triangle of death that encompassed the towns of Bardera and Baidoa.
Bardera and Saco Uen) suggest that local mortality rates may be higher than in Baidoa or Algol.
has been caused by the armed conflicts going on in and around Bardera and Garbaharrey between the Somali
David Javier Bardera Elena Francesca Neri Victor Liberto Rabal Clara Angela Molina Sancho Jose Sancho Isabelle Penelope Cruz Dona Centro Pilaf Bardem Bus driver Alex Angulo (Spanish dialogue)
A few weeks later in Bardera, the Marines came to rescue NBC's cameras after armed locals surrounded the Save the Children compound and the embattled journalists inside called in the troops with a portable satellite-fax to Col.
Posada-Ayala M, Zubiri I, Martin-Lorenzo M, Sanz-Maroto A, Molero D, Gonzalez-Calero L, Fernandez-Fernandez B, de la Cuesta F, Laborde CM, Barderas MG, Ortiz A, Vivanco F, Alvarez-Llamas G.
Los dias previos a que apareciera esta informacion, Felipe Gonzalez habia manifestado su malestar cuando, en otros tramos de esta investigacion periodistica, aparecieron los nombres de su actual pareja, Mar Garcia Vaquero, y de su intimo amigo, el empresario Jesus Barderas.
Observing these events offers an independent method for determining the coordinates of Curiosity," explained Gonzalo Barderas, researcher at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and coauthor of the study.
We are thrilled to be involved in the introduction of the Hyatt Regency brand to the Dominican Republic," said Jesus Barderas, President of Cobbo Bay Developers SA.
Gonzalo BARDERAS (1), Sandra GOICOECHEA (1) y Pilar ROMERO (1,2)