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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser

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8226; BarCode is not giving correct output when GS1DataMatrix barcode is supplied to read
Browse Barcode Scanner Market Report spread through 150 Pages at http://www.
Preprinted barcode Stickers for registered articles (Single) (RN) Preprinted Barcode bag Labels for
The gene encoding the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase 1 (CO1, or coxl) was proposed as the DNA barcode region in animals (5,6) and then adopted by the Consortium for the Barcode of Life (CBOL) as the default barcode for all groups (12).
Wasp's new line of barcode scanners are aimed to withstand industrial environments, providing customers with high- quality scanners that can easily read barcodes at an increased speed.
ID and 2D barcode verification can be used to ensure that auto ID equipment such as barcode scanners and imagers will be able to read barcodes quickly and efficiently throughout the life cycle of a product or its packaging.
It is not difficult to verify barcode quality, however.
Wasp's new line of barcode printers feature standard Ethernet connectivity, providing customers with high quality label printing at advanced speeds.
Most linear scanners are capable of decoding numerous barcode languages (called symbologies) without user intervention, so the operator need not know what type of barcode is being scanned.
GS1 UK are part of the world wide barcode standards authority.
US communications holding company AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) said yesterday that it is working with artist management company Red Light Management on the rollout of a 2D mobile barcode programme.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-February 16, 2011-Red Light Management deploys mobile barcode promotions in partnership with AT&T(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The company is investing in AT&T Mobile Barcode Services, a suite of products and services that enables marketers to provide measurable experiences with their target audience, at the moment of interest.
Shoppers will be able to scan or photograph the barcode with their mobile and access the liqueur brand's website, where they can access product information, serving suggestions and gain exclusive entry to competitions for free.
ConnectCode Pte Ltd has announced a new barcode font package (v5.