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a city in northeastern Spain on the Mediterranean

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a) any amount of mixed waste collected in containers or bags with frequency - in rural areas (excluding Barcin, Korzybie, Biesowice and Warcin) - At least once a month - the city Barcino, Biesowice, Korzybie and Warcino - twice month - in the city, in detached houses - two times a month - in the city, multi-family building - min.
Sobre una curiosa costumbre de nidificacion del "pato barcino chico" Nettium flavirostre (Vieillot).
The huge Gothic cathedral provides some respite from the sun, then we go underground to explore the excavated remains of the Roman city of Barcino and visit the City History Museum.
Uranium mineralization at the Contreras Targets occurs near surface in the flat lying Cerro Barcino Formation lake sediments and is projected to be broadly distributed based on in initial mapping.