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an island in Antigua and Barbuda

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The call center, which operates in the Old Sealy Building close to the airport, is expected, ultimately, to expand from its current start-up staff of 40 to employ over 1,000 Antiguans and Barbudans to service a variety of Fortune 100 Corporations with consumers in the US market, as well as UK market Corporations.
Finally, it is expected that the outcome of Government's efforts with respect to its debt management strategy should impact the lives of all Antiguans and Barbudans and as such, the Hon.
Mike Branker is showing all Barbudans that they too have an opportunity to develop and promote the island.
Crime in Antigua and Barbuda, as indicated earlier disproportionately effects Antiguans and Barbudans, for the most part crime is not a frequent activity to which visitors are subjected.