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striped pole outside a barbershop

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We have had pommele and bird's-eye figures, but they had little interest for clients who preferred the barber pole look.
Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, says, "The origin of the barber pole is associated with the service of bloodletting.
We added an old-fashioned radio, a paper towel rack converted with red tape into a barber pole, chairs for men who were waiting for their shaves and some men's magazines.
Continue turning the spindle but barber pole the yarn up the shaft towards the top.
com)-- SeaWaves Books, the publishers of naval books, magazines and calendars, is pleased to announce the launch March 5th of Barber Pole Magazine Today in History and Three Wire Magazine Today in History.
The barbershop was a flower shop until 1977, when Joe Nozzi put five chairs in the place and erected a red-and-white barber pole out front.
Efforts to keep the barber pole worm, Haemonchus contortus, from infecting goats and sheep have taken a harrowing turn of late.
It can also have a herringbone, or what is called a barber pole curl, that sometimes can be prominent.
Colorations ranged from traditional neutrals to styles with a black yarn-end plied with a neutral in a barber pole for contrast.
Like the illusion of sinking stripes on a barber pole, "the bands that we see are also slowly migrating toward the equator, at just the same rate as the sunspots," says Gough.
Constructing and blending solid, barber pole and air-entangled yarns
So they tested the theory by administering varying amounts of copper wire as a bolus, in a soft mass of food, to control infections of barber pole worm, Haemonchus contortus, in hair sheep.