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Synonyms for Barber

United States composer (1910-1981)

a hairdresser who cuts hair and shaves beards as a trade

perform the services of a barber: cut the hair and/or beard of

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It is," said the barber, "the 'Sergas de Esplandian,' the lawful son of Amadis of Gaul.
This that comes next," said the barber, "is 'Amadis of Greece,' and, indeed, I believe all those on this side are of the same Amadis lineage.
This that follows is 'Florismarte of Hircania,'" said the barber.
Taking down another book, the barber said, "This is 'The Mirror of Chivalry.
When the barber," he continued, "had finished his tale, we came to the conclusion that the young man had been right, when he had accused him of being a great chatter-box.
I must confess," he exclaimed, "that I am much more interested in the stories of the barber and his brothers, and of the lame man, than in that of my own jester.
Never mind my stories for the present," replied the barber, "but will your Highness graciously be pleased to explain why this Jew, this Christian, and this Mussulman, as well as this dead body, are all here?
asked the Sultan with a smile; but seeing that the barber had some reasons for his question, he commanded that the tale of the hunch-back should be told him.
The truth is, as I believe I have since found out, that they have no barber shops worthy of the name in Paris--and no barbers, either, for that matter.
We shunned these signs for a time, but finally we concluded that the wig- makers must of necessity be the barbers as well, since we could find no single legitimate representative of the fraternity.
If any barber is good enough to shave your neck, and then I am, too.
The amount of money the barbers get out of a fellow in a year would keep a baby.
Matvey, my sister Anna Arkadyevna will be here tomorrow," he said, checking for a minute the sleek, plump hand of the barber, cutting a pink path through his long, curly whiskers.
Stepan Arkadyevitch could not answer, as the barber was at work on his upper lip, and he raised one finger.
The man looked at him coldly, as if he had himself observed the likeness to the barber.