Barbary sheep

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Later, animals arriving from closing Belle Vue included three deer, two arctic fox, two Spanish sheep; two paca (South American rodents), two Barbary goats, four Barbary sheep and an Augur buzzard.
Arabian species include scimitar-horned oryx, addax, Arabian oryx, dama gazelle, Nubian ibex, wild goat, barbary sheep and Asiatic onager.
The khaki-colored aoudad, also called barbary sheep, blend with desert soil and scrub like a lizard on a rock.
Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) recently hosted retired Army Corporal Nick Orchowski, his wife and their two children on a five-day Barbary sheep hunt on the Felix Canyon Ranch in Flying H, N.
Nicolas Manilus offers fascinating insights into the biogeography of the Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia), in particular outlining the multiple lines of evidence used to reconstruct variation in the area of distribution.
A Barbary sheep now costs 450 riyals, an Australian sheep costs 550 riyals and an Assouakni sheep costs 700 riyals.
A pair of Rothschilds giraffes make contact JP070408-Park-62; Bob Lawrence ready to subdue a Barbary sheep with a dart gun JP070408-Park-54; African elephant Latabe gets a treat JP070408-Park-45; Feeding Bronze, a South African fur seal JP070408-Park-34; Bactrian camel mum Jess announces the arrival of her month-old Calf StOrm JP070408-Park-11; African elephants Latabe and Five take a walk in the park JP070408-Park-44; A huddle of hippos jpo7O4O8-Park-63; Black buck calf Bongo waits for his feed jpo7O4os-Park-49
I have hunted Barbary sheep (aoudads), Sika and Axis deer, black buck antelope, javelina and wild boar.
The zoo map shows they've got llamas, yaks, camels, deer, barbary sheep, emus, wallabies, parrots, meerkats, cougars, reptiles, wild turkeys, pheasants, carp and waterfowl, a swan pond, a primate building and a barnyard, but there is not a panther in sight.