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tailless macaque of rocky cliffs and forests of northwestern Africa and Gibraltar

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It's so bad that even the Barbary apes rejected it.
An aged Barbary ape (Macaca sylvanus) at the Toronto Zoo became infected with naturally acquired West Nile virus encephalitis that caused neurologic signs, which, associated with other medical problems, led to euthanasia.
The Den forms part of the Upper Rock's Nature Reserve and is home to the Barbary Apes, Gibraltar's most famous tourist attraction.
Gibraltar is famous for its Barbary apes, but as far as Victor is concerned the place is simply full of monkeys.
6 do not show the homeland of Barbary apes, and do not correspond to assertions in the text that there were monkeys in Egypt, Dilmun (which is said to include Failaka), Magan (not discussed) and northwest India (pp.
A legend says that if the Barbary apes ever desert Gibraltar, the British will follow," explains a historian-inresidence at the Pig and Whistle Bar.
This association only strengthened with the arrival of Barbary apes in Europe during the middle of the thirteenth century (in Gibraltar) and of other species of monkeys and apes in the sixteenth century.
Gibraltar - combine a shopping expedition or combine a trip to the town with a tour of the famous rock and its tunnels and see the notorious Barbary apes.
She's looking forward to riding a camel and seeing wild Barbary apes and staying in one of those dwelling-places carved out of the rock, or in a Bedouin-type tent.
It is best known for its famous Rock, which dominates the area - and for the Barbary apes, which live on the Rock .
WHERE in Europe would you find Barbary apes living semi-wild?
What type of monkey are the so-called Barbary Apes of Gibraltar?
It's impossible not to bump into a few Barbary Apes on the way, who are sweet but scary in equal measures.
The Barbary apes are famed for their cute antics -- which only stay cute if you treat them with respect.