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a region of northern Africa on the Mediterranean coast between Egypt and Gibraltar

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Mordecai, Noah: "Travels in England, France, Spain and the Barbary States in the Years 1813-1814 and 1815", (New York: Kirk and Mercein, 1819).
Thus, to fight the French threat, the United States employed the navy it had originally built to combat the Barbary states, bolstered with additional ships.
In 1785, Jefferson and John Adams, then the Minister to England, met with Tripoli's envoy to London to discuss "the ground of the pretensions" of the Barbary States to "make war upon nations who had done them no injury.
In detail, Wheelan describes the excruciating and frustrating efforts to which our second President, John Adams, went to foster diplomacy, peace, and relationship with the pirating corsairs of the Barbary States in support of the fledgling United States' growing overseas Mediterranean trade.
The Barbary states consisted of Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli (contemporary Libya), all officially tributaries of the Ottoman Empire but in fact basically autonomous, and the independent sultanate of Morocco.
He says many of the pirates contracted by the Barbary States were Christian Europeans, so the idea that Christian Americans were fighting only African Muslims is not accurate.
Barlow spent two years in North Africa, hammering out agreements and working to the keep the United States from going to war with the Barbary States.
What's even more surprising is that about half the corsair sailors who delivered captives to the Barbary states were "renegades" - former soldiers of European armies who had been captured, converted to Islam and turned to raiding the ships of their former compatriots.
The Barbary States were supported by the superpowers of that day, England and France.
The life begins with his birth in Quebec and stretches to the end of his seagoing days in the 1840s, encompassing some of the most difficult times in the life of the early American republic, its wars with France and the Barbary States of North Africa, and the War of 1812.
On which continent were the Barbary States located?
Matar concedes that the relationship between early modern Europeans, including the British, and the Ottoman Empire and the Barbary States was one of colonizer and (potential) colonized; however, unlike the colonial relationship in the New World, the Europeans in this case were in the position of the colonized and enslaved.
For centuries, sailors feared tile pirates of the Barbary States (see map, p.
After the Napoleonic wars ended, Western naval forces began a concerted effort to combat the high seas piracy and coastal slave raiding that had been practiced for centuries by the independent rulers of the Barbary States of North Africa.