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a pirate along the Barbary Coast

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Having long endured insult and injury to her commerce before going to war with the Barbary pirates, the United States was not eager to rush into war with Great Britain.
Because the Barbary pirates were state-sponsored, debate in the nascent United States over the proper response involved two options: either pay some form of ransom, or wage war against the sponsoring states.
Situations where we send in the Marines will resemble President Jefferson's war with the Barbary pirates.
They are captured by Barbary pirates and brought to Morocco for sale.
Barbary pirates along the Mediterranean coast of North Africa had for centuries been capturing European women and turning them into slaves.
For instance, he describes the military confrontations of a young American republic with the Barbary pirates as the first battles in what we now call the "War on Terror.
From the Barbary Pirates in the early 19th century to Al Qaeda, our nation has faced fierce and unpredictable adversaries that would do us harm.
This inevitably leaves the special guest rather bewildered - especially the American ones - as they are called upon to add their two pennorth on anything from grey squirrel extermination to Barbary pirates in Salcombe.
At least a million slaves were captured over the 300-year period of piracy, and apparently during a mere seven years from 1609 to 1616, England lost 466 merchant ships to Barbary pirates.
At the time, most countries paid tribute to the Barbary pirates of Northern Africa, rather than risk attacks on merchant ships in the Mediterranean.
Some of the earliest victories two centuries ago by the fledgling American Republic were over the Barbary pirates of North Africa, and the US has joined in combating piracy recently off Somalia.
Including ships and aircraft from numerous other countries, the task force's combined efforts are similar to the cooperative campaign taken against the Barbary Pirates two centuries ago.
What did the Barbary pirates do to captured sailors who weren't ransomed?
Pelican, with a rig inspired by the Barbary Pirates, offers long haul training under sail across the Atlantic for all ages.