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tailless macaque of rocky cliffs and forests of northwestern Africa and Gibraltar

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There are just 8,000 Barbary macaques left in the wild so watching the 140 here communicating is fascinating.
He agrees that overgrazing has become a problem, but argues that an increase in the Barbary macaque population is threatening cedar forests.
Gibraltar has the last wild population of Barbary Macaques in Europe.
Sequence comparison of the hemagglutinin and ATI genes of 19 CPXV rat isolates with the Barbary macaque isolates showed identical sequences, which indicated that rats were the most probable source of infection.
Washington, April 22 (ANI): Male Barbary macaques have a better chance of bonding with each other when at least one is hauling around an infant, a new research has found.
The Barbary macaques, now aged between four and six months, are integrating well at Trentham Monkey Forest, said staff at the 60acre woodland park.
The Barbary macaque in this case was probably immunocompromised to some degree, as it was aged and in poor physical condition; however, B-dependent splenic follicles were not atrophic.
Yn ogystal a chynorthwyo Tim Achub Adar Ysglyfaethus Gibraltar gyda'u gwaith, bydd Iolo hefyd yn rhoi sylw i'r 243 o fwnciod Barbary Macaque sydd hefyd yn enwog ar y graig ac yn edrych ar blanhigion sy'n unigryw i fannau anghysbell o Gibraltar.
uk Monkey Forest A three-quarter-mile forest path, cleared and laid out for visitors, takes you through the 60 acres of Trentham Estate woodlands where 140 barbary macaque monkeys live.
Together with two field assistants, Dr Majolo and McFarland were studying the behaviour of the troops of the barbary macaque, one dubbed "Flat face" and the other "Large" troop.
The tailless Barbary macaque was tracked down several times but repeatedly dodged tranquilliser darts.
Animal lovers are being given the chance to leave their cars and see species of endangered monkeys up close when the first park of its kind in the country opens its gates today Visitors to the Trentham Monkey Forest, in north Staffordshire, will be able to see 146 Barbary Macaque monkeys, including six cuddly new arrivals, as they roam around their 60-acre woodland home.
LIFE at Edinburgh Zoo is brass monkeys - just ask these two chilly barbary macaque apes.
IT'S not everywhere that you stroll through a forest where 140 barbary macaque monkeys are roaming free.
And then there are the apes - a species called Barbary Macaque - who have made the rock their own.