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a region of northern Africa on the Mediterranean coast between Egypt and Gibraltar

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That very night our renegade returned and said he had learned that the Moor we had been told of lived in that house, that his name was Hadji Morato, that he was enormously rich, that he had one only daughter the heiress of all his wealth, and that it was the general opinion throughout the city that she was the most beautiful woman in Barbary, and that several of the viceroys who came there had sought her for a wife, but that she had been always unwilling to marry; and he had learned, moreover, that she had a Christian slave who was now dead; all which agreed with the contents of the paper.
Rachael should charge herself with your maintenance and support (I beg you won't distress yourself), you are in a position to receive the renewal of an offer which I was instructed to make to Miss Barbary some two years ago and which, though rejected then, was understood to be renewable under the lamentable circumstances that have since occurred.
The Barbary Coast of San Francisco, once the old-time sailor-town in the days when San Francisco was reckoned the toughest port of the Seven Seas, had evolved with the city until it depended for at least half of its earnings on the slumming parties that visited it and spent liberally.
He had his choice, based on bitter experience, between three days' debauch among the sharks and harpies of the Barbary Coast and a whole winter of wholesome enjoyment and sociability, and there wasn't any doubt of the way he was going to choose.
This was a surprising discovery, and I was exceeding glad of them; but I was warned by my experience to eat sparingly of them; remembering that when I was ashore in Barbary, the eating of grapes killed several of our Englishmen, who were slaves there, by throwing them into fluxes and fevers.
The Principal and instrument soon drove off together to a stable-yard in High Holborn, where a remarkably fine grey gelding, worth, at the lowest figure, seventy-five guineas (not taking into account the value of the shot he had been made to swallow for the improvement of his form), was to be parted with for a twenty-pound note, in consequence of his having run away last week with Mrs Captain Barbary of Cheltenham, who wasn't up to a horse of his courage, and who, in mere spite, insisted on selling him for that ridiculous sum: or, in other words, on giving him away.
My nephew wished to accept their money at first word, and to consider what to do with them afterwards; but I overruled him in that part, for I knew what it was to be set on shore in a strange country; and if the Portuguese captain that took me up at sea had served me so, and taken all I had for my deliverance, I must have been starved, or have been as much a slave at the Brazils as I had been at Barbary, the mere being sold to a Mahometan excepted; and perhaps a Portuguese is not a much better master than a Turk, if not in some cases much worse.
NYSE:BYD) to exchange certain real estate Harrah's controls near Boyd's Stardust site on the Las Vegas Strip for Boyd's Barbary Coast property, located at the northeast corner of Flamingo Road and Las Vegas Boulevard.
So seriously did Sir Winston Churchill take this symbolism that he had further barbary apes imported during the Second World War.
On the other hand, you've got a gorgeous new actor, Whip Hubley, playing Brian Hawkins, the exhibitionist of 28 Barbary Lane (yep, he's the one with the bare butt), and an equally dishy Colin Ferguson as Burke Andrew, the mystery man Mary Ann meets on her cruise.
The traditional king of the jungle roared to a success in Raymond Hughes' snap of this Barbary lion snatching the best black and white photograph.
the Barbary apes have been roaming the Barbary apes have been roaming through the British territory, harassing locals and rummaging through bins.
Using a team of human lab rats and a troop of Barbary monkeys, Michael and Alice test the science and challenge old stereotypes.
Barbary Coast is a DVD anthology of the pilot movie and thirteen episodes of an action-packed, vigilante-justice program set in 1880's San Francisco.
Alternatively they can book a day trip to Gibraltar to see the Barbary Macaques at Apes' Den.