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British sculptor (1902-1975)

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Discovery followed discovery, especially in relation to Arp's pivotal role in Paris, where his arrival in early 1925 triggered demonstrable changes in the art of Max Ernst, Joan Miro, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Yves Tanguy, and even Pablo Picasso.
Nicholson had begun celebrating their partnership the year before in a Barbara Hepworth Discs in Echelon, 1935 series of linocuts playing freely with the flow of Hepworth's profile and the fall of her hair.
The "son et lumiere" show will see a montage of images of great artists associated with Leeds, including the renowned Cypriot artist who died in March this year, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, projected 10 metres high onto the side of the historic Vernon Street Building of Leeds College of Art, along with examples of their works of art.
Opened in 2003, the New Orleans Museum of Art's (NOMA) internationally acclaimed Sculpture Garden contains 63 striking examples of 20th and 21st-century sculpture, including works by Leonard Baskin, Deborah Butterfield, Barbara Hepworth, Jacques Lipchitz, Henry Moore, Claes Oldenburg, Auguste Rodin, and George Segal.
Housing a collection of sculptures by local-born artist Barbara Hepworth alongside the works of other prominent artists, it is one of the UK s largest art galleries outside London.
Situated in Britain's remote southwest where the extended finger of Cornwall points out into the Atlantic, St Ives makes a great escape from London, partly for its spectacular seaside setting, partly for its top-shelf artistic attractions, which include a branch of London's Tate; numerous commercial galleries; the Barbara Hepworth Museum, housed in the former studio of the great British sculptor; and the Leach Pottery, which reopened in 2008 after a 1.
Police were searching Wednesday for a sculpture by renowned British artist Barbara Hepworth which thieves tore from its plinth in a London park.
Videos include David Bailey, Barbara Hepworth, Adele, Dusty Springfield, The British Weather and Tim Berners-Lee.
The 85-year-old actor and director will auction around 50 works, including pieces by LS Lowry, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, at Sotheby's in London.
John Humphrys (above) asks the questions as contestants take to the black chair to be quizzed on specialist subjects including the artist Barbara Hepworth, British Birds and Anglo-Saxon Kings 871-1016.
Bangor's art gallerywas established in 1963 and has hosted several exhibitions from Victoria and AlbertMuseum, with examples of Turner and other famous British artists including John Latham, Barry Flanagan, George Dyer, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Mundy and Peter Lanyon.
The Tate Player is part of the Tate Online homepage, where users can access audiovisual items such as a film by Felipe Ehrenberg, a black and white home movie of Barbara Hepworth and a lecture by Christo at Tate Gallery, introduced by Nicholas Serota.
And finally, Behnisch & Behnisch sculpted a block worthy of Henry Moore or Barbara Hepworth.
He worked with Eric Gill and inspired Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.