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a parliamentary democracy on the island of Barbados

easternmost of the West Indies about 300 miles to the north of Venezuela

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Tell him the most important thing," the town's Mayor Bassam Barbar interjected.
Yet Musaab El Hadri, the Syrian owner of Beit Halab, believes that, given a year, his restaurant will be giving Barbar a serious run for its money.
We loaded the Barbar with a charge of 50 grains of Goex FFFg black powder, topped with a 12-gauge fiber wad.
Sir Michael Barbar said that Pakistan can consolidate her economic condition in future by implementing mega projects like Vision 2025.
Glob discovered the Barbar temple in 1954 during the course of the first Danish expedition.
Mr Barbar, a janitor, had to quit eating fatty food in 1996 after he had two heart attacks.
Lead plaintiff Caesar Barbar, 56, who weighs 20 stone and is diabetic, said: "I always thought it was good for you.
BARBAR ROSA IS something of a mystery, but it is much more as well, bristling with multiple meanings, rich historical allusions, and deep allegorical resonances.
This is the rebels' livelihood: to loot and kill,'' said a Lebanese businessman, Peter Barbar.
Guests will also receive $500 in hair products by Barbar (including hair dryers and curling irons); a certificate for either tattoo removal or facials by Laser Away; a certificate for a new hair removal technique by Epilar Hair Removal; as well as Freelife Goji Juice beverage tasting with a one-year supply of the unique beverage for nominees and presenters.
The Bahraini, aged 22, provided refuge to the 28-year-old fugitive, also a Bahraini, at his home in Barbar between June and July last year.
The programme will be carried out at Arad Primary Intermediate Boys' School, Barbar Primary Boys' School, Imam Malik bin Anas Boys' Primary School, Al-Rawdha Boys' Primary School, Zenubia Girls' Intermediate School, Al-Khansa Girls' Primary School, Karranah Girls' Primary School and Al-Rawdha Girls' School Primary.
Download Ogassapian inspects Barbar Khazen prison for females NNA - State Minister for Womens Rights Affairs, Jean Ogassapian, on Thursday visited Barbar Khazen prison for women in Verdun, checking out their conditions and listening to their demands.
Jawad Supermarket (JSM) is helping shoppers prepare for the holy month, get their evenings organised and put a fabulous feast on the table with a special Ramadan Promotion running all through the month at its stores in Barbar and Nuwaidrat.
Le ministre Omar s'est informe, lors de sa visite lundi a l'Etat de Nahr An-Nile accompagne du Ministre de la Culturel, Al Tayeb Hassan Badawi, sur les projets d'investissement et de developpement dans les localites de Shandi et de Barbar.