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a native or inhabitant of Barbados

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members of the Barbadian American community] paid to advance economically or even to survive - a primary one being their need to expel or destroy any one of them who did not pursue their common goal" (Novelists 82).
Thomas added that "Team Barbados" really needs the support of the Barbadian public and asked that they pray for the two men as they are putting their lives in danger.
Naive as it may sound, it never occurred to me that I could become Barbadian just because my husband is.
As one of the first companies to develop and license, through its Barbadian affiliate Parlay Entertainment Limited, multi-player, pay-for-play bingo technology on the Internet, DCEG is a leader in the online bingo market, and also offers a comprehensive suite of Java and Flash-based casino and lottery products.
The 'Umbrella' hitmaker has been receiving texts from Brown after the Barbadian singer performed and partied with Drake in Paris, sparking rumors of a relationship, the New York Post reported.
Teresa Marshall, permanent secretary of the Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, thanked Cuba for granting scholarships to Barbadian youths and expressed interest in receiving advice by Cuban specialists in the protection against natural disasters.
30 secs in a race won by Barbadian Obadele Thompson in 10.
To maximize the effectiveness of its corporate structure, DCEG also announced that its wholly owned Barbadian subsidiary Parlay Entertainment Limited has become DCEG's licensing, sales and support organization, as well as the holder of all DCEG's intellectual property.
The Barbadian singer, who donned a tiara and toasted a glass of champagne, also received a giant cookie cake, iced with the message "She x 26".
Post office records from as early as 1905 reveal that foreign currency sent by Barbadian migrants living in Panama and British Guiana were the main source of income for many families across Barbados, and the funds from fellow Barbadians abroad continues to boost the economy, he said in an address before the National Association of Barbados Organizations (NABO), the umbrella body for Barbadian organizations across the US, founded in Atlanta GA in 1993 by Ken Knight.
Despite losing his status as player-assistant coach, the 37-year-old Barbadian has returned for a fifth year with the Bullets.
Michael Grimes, a director of James Barclay Alan and Barbadian businessman who is also a Director of FCVM, will be stepping down as a director of James Barclay Alan to avoid any potential conflict of interest.
The Barbadian singer happily chatted to her rival's boyfriend Calvin Harris at several pre and post-ceremony bashes - including a brunch thrown by Jay Z's Roc Nation, which manages both their careers - but "deliberately" snubbed Rita because she "isn't a fan" of her.
The popular Barbadian has shown no sign of losing his remarkable touch even at the age of 37.
a Barbadian International Business Corporation, in consideration of 9,350,000 restricted shares.