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strong wire with barbs at regular intervals used to prevent passage


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At times, the artist's ability to wring value out of her small coffers rivals that of the savviest of studio heads: For the tawdriest third of the Barb trilogy, Word UP, which mirrors the wet-and-wild stripping sequence that opens Barb Wire, O'Marah located a Hollywood water wrangler who offered to provide a water truck and supervise the special effects for a decidedly budget-friendly two hundred dollars.
In this sense, the casting call for the Barb Wire videos--ads were placed on Craigslist and in trade publications such as Back Stage--marked a rather significant shift toward mainstream Hollywood preproduction.
Barb Wire, set in 2017, stars Pamela Anderson as a bounty-hunting biker babe, who after a hard day, likes to unwind in the Hammerhead Bar & Grille.
Really the movie should have been much funnier, considering the character of Barb Wire is based on a comic-book creation.
The blonde bombshell is about to hit cinemas as a leather-clad supergirl in the all-action film Barb Wire.
For reasonably good fences, such as barb wire ones with rusty wires and some sagging or missing strands or woven wire in similar condition, only a single strand of electric wire may be required.
Security - Israeli patrol trespasses Kfarshouba barb wires
An Israeli patrol trespassed Rmeish village - South Lebanon barb wires and abducted a Lebanese citizen, a Lebanese Army statement said on Wednesday.