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any voracious marine fish of the genus Sphyraena having an elongated cylindrical body and large mouth with projecting lower jaw and long strong teeth

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The spread for Baracuda Match pellets ranged from a low of 770 to a high of 786 fps, so right there the first pellet's spread was cut by more than half
aACAo Buy a notebook or ultrabook from Jacky's from Dh3000 to Dh3999 and get seven-inch Eurostar tablet and headphones worth Dh448 and Baracuda resort leisure voucher worth Dh300.
According to the paper, the Baracuda Labs survey found that 75 percent of abusers have set a URL in their profiles, compared to 31 per cent for random Twitter users.
Baracuda has made a big success of the Varsity in Little Park Street in the city centre, and also has a second venue at Westwood Heath, close to Warwick University.
Two Dodge Challengers and a Baracuda featured hydraulically controlled sound systems in their boots.
Up to five anglers can be accommodated on the Baracuda, for Instance, for about $225 a day, including lunch and tackle.
60-grain Baracuda heavyweight dome in both a plain and match pellet.
Within only a year, his travel agency Baracuda, which specialises in the Arab market, has doubled its clientele.
It's a five-minute stroll to the other side of the harbour to Taverna Baracuda for plates piled high with super seafood (around pounds 25-30 for two plus wine).
The pals spent most of their time in the Baracuda bar in their hotel and were going for a drink at 1am on September 12 when they were stopped.
Jack joined the London Police Force in 1935 and in 1943 joined the Navy and saw service on the Dauntless and Baracuda.
SO, another performance at the Neptune Theatre has been adversely affected by loud music emanating from the Baracuda pub adjoining the theatre.