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a tour of bars or public houses (usually taking one drink at each stop)

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Lively, engaging, and loyal to their favorite places, these bar-hopping ghosts heighten visitors' enjoyment of a night out drinking in a historic place.
The idea for the song's hook came first, then came some bar-hopping to do research.
The less public Ebert can be found in Life Itself: A Memoir, which, despite its drab title, is an interesting mix of middle-class Midwestern upbringing, newspaper war stories, bar-hopping and glimpses of heavyweight film directors and actors (although no actresses, for some reason).
Memories of bar-hopping, clubbing and the mornings after came flooding back as we sat in a caf overlooking the bay and watched as a group of English girls, all hung over, struggled to cope with the dazzling sunlight.
And, whether you are shopping, bar-hopping or visiting the city's cultural attractions, the Grand Central's city centre location makes it the perfect base for making the most of all that Glasgow has to offer.
Nicola has her newfound fame as a style icon, Kimberley her TV career and Sarah's bar-hopping antics keep the paps in a job.
With a cougar, bar-hopping mother, she tries to be the responsible one in their household, keeping everything together.
1 -- 2 -- color) An accordion-playing Santa Claus belts out a tune as a shades-wearing one entertains a young girl Saturday in Chinatown, where hundreds of Santas and other North Pole characters embarked on a journey of bar-hopping and holiday merriment throughout Los Angeles.
In cyberspace no one can hear you slur and bar-hopping is a lot easier than a 200-yard slog to the next boozer.
Think super-rich slackers cruising around in Mumbai in swanky cars or bar-hopping for a living to get a rough idea of their carefree existence.
There are enough bar-hopping, boyfriend-swopping, boutigue-bashing WAGs in the world as it is.
It goes on to announce this Libran queen of the seas is single and enjoys bar-hopping and bowling.
Retail never stops, and the Temple Street night market offers an alternative to bar-hopping.
There's first-hand advice on everything from Madrid bar-hopping and exploring Greek temples to rafting in Slovenia.