wrought iron

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iron having a low carbon content that is tough and malleable and so can be forged and welded

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Ezz Steel's exports recorded EGP 985m, including EGP 786m of bar iron sales and EGP 199m of steel sales, totalling 3.
Additionally, Lloyd's workers produced bar iron, which was used by smiths across the land to make a wide range of iron goods and steel for the cutlery, blade and edge-tool industries.
Thus, even without the present volume in hand, eighteenth-century Russian historians generally would be aware that Russia made an enormous contribution to the English industrial revolution, supplying bar iron, which England could not itself produce; that Russia enjoyed a virtual monopoly in supplying England with the hemp and flax required for naval and domestic use; and that without Russian tallow, masts, and other maritime supplies, there would have been no British naval superiority in the Napoleonic Wars.
Recognizing his dependence on a core of slave artisans to put his furnace in blast, forge molten ore into iron pigs and "anchonies," and hammer pigs into marketable bar iron, Weaver invested carefully in his labor, going so far as to receive assurance that a slave was willing to work for him before making a purchase.
The Roper Bar Iron Ore Project is located approximately 600 kilometres south-east of Darwin, with iron ore to be exported from the Bing Bong loading facility.
Western Desert Resources Limited (ASX:WDR) today reported that assay results from drilling at its Roper Bar Iron Ore Project in the Northern Territory have identified further high grade direct shipping iron ore.