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a tour of bars or public houses (usually taking one drink at each stop)

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The longest bar crawls in Cardiff were two epic 20-stop journeys.
Rather than renting out a club, event organisers often plan a bar crawl at no expense making clear profits off tourists while they do not have appropriate licences and insurance documents, he said.
An extensive bar crawl through Paris also demonstrated how Cointreau is currently being used in a host of traditional and modern cocktails.
The last few days are told forensically - the bar crawl with fellow actor John Hurt that went on until 2am, the headache the following day that Burton never usually had, even after a paralytic binge, and how he failed to wake up the morning after that.
Summary: Students dressed as doctors and nurses have taken part in an organised bar crawl as part of the latest controversial Carnage UK event.
Finally, a drunken student was pictured urinating on a war memorial during a student bar crawl, during which half-naked girls collapsed on the street and boys ran amok in traffic.
With foam please and with the eIuBaladi Bar Flyer,eIN the natural next step has to be the Baladi Bar crawl.
Some friends I have took me on a bar crawl to The Grapes, The Fly in the Loaf, Dr Duncans, The Ship and Mitre, The Crown and some tiny tucked-away pubs like The Roscoe Head.
It seems as if living and working in Asia is one long bar crawl, but then again business meetings wouldn`t make for such a funny, and at times, charming book.
To officially welcome the newest addition to the Captain Morgan line up, the brand will host its first-ever Cannon Blast Bar Crawl.
real name Deirdre Kelly - hit the headlines for the wrong reasons earlier this year when she appeared at a pool party and bar crawl in Magaluf.
Town Hall officials in the party resort want to shut down Carnage Magaluf for 12 months for organising the bar crawl where an 18-yearold Co Armagh woman was filmed performing sex acts on 24 men.
Events were held over nine days that included the Party Bus bar crawl, Open Mic Night, WigStock, a screening of La Cage Aux Folles, and of course the Pride parade and PrideFest.
html) Topsail Advertiser reports that the people in the North Carolina town will participate in a bar crawl to help pay for Hawkesworth's medical expenses.
A bar crawl is a good shout for a night out without resorting to the ludicrous prices charged by clubs for both admission and drinks.