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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser

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In 2015-2019, China's sales volume of 2-dimensional bar code scanners will grow at an average annual growth rate of around 38%, reaching 1.
The most popular of these new bar codes is the QR code; it is being used on everything from billboards to product labels.
According to the Center for Interactive Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin Web site, RFID tags have a read accuracy rate of 98% compared with 85% for bar code tags.
We've already heard there have been problems, and that bar codes were put in places not authorized by the resident,'' said Bev Mattes, president of Branch 2902 of the National Association of Letter Carrier, which represents about 2,000 mail carriers from Ojai to North Hollywood.
Eventually, he recalls, he and his colleagues hit on the possibility of a single gene being the universal bar code for living things.
Although bar codes most often are used at supermarket checkout counters to enter products' retail prices in cash registers, they're so adaptable they can be put to work in the front office, the back office, the factory and the warehouse.
In a close working relationship, the companies will be able to deliver to acute care facilities both a proven patient safety solution at the point of care, along with the convenience of patient wristbands embedded with either bar code or radio frequency identification (RFID).
This powerful new version of Bars & Stripes complements the industry's most extensive line of bar code printing software which also includes popular versions for Word for Windows(TM) and for WordPerfect(R) for Windows.
These new "two-dimensional" bar codes can squeeze in enough information to fit the Gettysburg Address into a two-inch square.
0 automatically converts text trigger sequences into PostScript(R)-compatible bar codes and the CUPS feature routes the print job to the selected printer, which outputs the bar coded document.
The first MEMS-based laser scan engine to be released, the Intermec EL10, features extremely fast scan rates and separate laser emission and collection optics for increased sensitivity, supporting increased scan range and angle, as well as easier scanning of low contrast bar codes.
Designed for Pocket PCs or other mobile devices running Windows Mobile software, the CF RFID Reader-Scan Card is an industry first, and combines both RFID and bar code technology within the same CF housing, enabling users to scan bar codes and read/write to high frequency (13.
Food and Drug Administration has mandated that all drugs and biological products such as units of blood in hospitals have identifying bar codes.
Omniplanar is regarded as a leader in the field of bar code recognition software having developed award winning technologies, including SwiftDecoder(TM) software, which decodes all major 1D, 2D and Postal bar code symbologies including PDF417, Data Matrix and MaxiCode faster and with higher read rates than other decode software even on poor quality bar codes.