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For two years, the Milkmen survived and thrived in the local bar band scene.
On Riviera, the fifth of their six studio discs (plus three live albums), it would be easy to dismiss BHTM as a glorified bar band with massive chords, arena friendly arrangements (it's what bar bands do to ascend to the next ever elusive rung on the venue ladder), fairly catchy tunes, and the kind of lyrical honesty that's sandwiched somewhere between "King of the Hill" and a hippie-dippie commune.
Richmond Fontaine are not just a vehicle for Vlautin's storytelling prowess, they can swing from traditional pedal steel tinged country to being a hard rocking bar band cast in the image of American in die legends The Replacements.
Crowe readily admits that nothing he did for ``Master and Commander'' matched the difficulty of preparing for the musical scenes - and he's been a professional musician, albeit of the bar band variety, for almost as long as he's been acting.
They don't book us because they say that we wouldn't be a draw for the kids, that we're a bar band.
Rebellious Jukebox are essentially a good time bar band, offering a set which leans quite heavily on The Sex Pistols and Oasis.
Delbert McClinton - Three-time Grammy-winner McClinton honed his career working in a bar band, the Straitjackets, backing blues giants Sonny Williamson, Howlin' Wolf and others.
He joined Twisted Sister in 1982, right before the Long Island bar band exploded onto the burgeoning heavy metal scene.
THEY'VE been called America's best bar band - and few who have witnessed Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes in action would argue with that exalted billing.
On their new album, Tales Be Told, the eight-piece evolve from unruly bar band to shape shifting orchestral ensemble thanks to some bare-knuckle, bruising guitars and elegant flourishes of illicit tension.
From their charmed beginning as the Tipitina's bar band in 1987 (a fortuitous accident as the crowd was expecting the Continental Drifters to play), the group has built upon the instant musical chemistry they encountered all those years back and remained a much loved musical entity despite a roller coaster ride of fortunes both good and bad.
On their fourth album, the Kings designed the perfect 21st century rock band formula - riffs that are beefy and sensitive, plus Springsteen-style arena aspirations realised without losing touch with their bar band roots.
Self-conscious as the lyrics are, the music is uninhibited: lurching into motion like a bar band, picking up speed, piling up instruments and letting them fall away.
He powered the barbaric bar band that rocked Tarantino's spoof vampire movie From Dusk Til Dawn.
They sound like the best country bar band in the world, yet they can turn their hand to Stax soul, to middle-eastern psychedelia or even to Jewish klezmer.