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Conwell was a well-known Baptist minister, author, speaker, and founder of Temple University.
The 'Star Wars' mastermind's wedding was officiated by journalist Bill Moyers, who was a Baptist minister before his illustrious career in the media, the Huffington Post reported.
Did you know that Aimee Semple McPherson, the most famous evangelist of the early twentieth century (other than Billy Sunday) and founder of the Pentecostal body, the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, was actually ordained as a Baptist minister by First Baptist Church of San Jose, California, and its "Spirit-filled" Baptist pastor?
Blackley Baptist Church's Rev Steve Harvie conducted his final service after 36 years as a baptist minister - 14 of them at Blackley.
HAVING A | |LAUGH: Baptist minister and comedian Allan Finnegan JAMES MALONEY
White is a Baptist Minister at the Central Baptist Church in Charles Street, Leicester city centre.
Mum-of-three Sally Hawes, 48, of Penzance, and Baptist minister Nigel Booth, 44, were both killed.
TWO of the biggest outlaws in the history of the American West were the sons of a Welsh Baptist minister, a book claims today.
In the King tradition, Dyson is a Baptist minister and a learned academic, now a professor at DePaul University.
NIGHT AND DAY: Baptist minister Allan Finnegan finds comedy at night helps with his day job, below
A FRIEND-OF-THE-COURT brief on behalf of antigay Oklahoma Baptist minister Lonnie Latham by the American Civil Liberties Union, arguing he had the constitutional right to solicit sex from a male police offer at a motel.
When a baptist minister entered the house of ill-repute, one of the men said: "Oh dear , it's a shame to see a man of the cloth going bad.
PERRIE Dyon Simpson was executed early today for the 1984 murder of a retired Baptist minister, the North Carolina Department of Correction said.
He told the commission Tuesday that he has also been looking into a July 18 incident in which the wife of a Baptist minister was detained by police in South Los Angeles while police were looking for a different person in the area.
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