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49) David Benedict, A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America (Boston: Manning & Loring, 1813), 1:37-42, cited in McBeth, Sourcebook, 162-163.
Boyles has been a featured speaker at three annual Southern Baptist worldwide conventions and was the national chairman of the Committee on Nominations for the 15 million-member Southern Baptist denomination.
Sekulow hastens to add, "While many of the theological doctrines and practices of the Baptist denomination did not appeal to Black, their separationist and anti-Catholic declarations found a deep resonance within him.
Born in 1800, Weyman participated in early Allinite meetings in the Millstream area of New Brunswick in the 1820's and in the formalization process that created the New Brunswick Free Baptist denomination.
Boyles was the national chairman of the Committee on Nominations for the 15 million-member Southern Baptist denomination.
15) Always aware of his position as an institutional leader--and of the southern students attending his university--Wayland sought cordial cooperation within the Baptist denomination.
Due to its policy of congregational independence, Wood says, the Southern Baptist denomination became "one of the most contentious proslavery religious bodies in the nation.
The Baptist denomination dates from the seventeenth century; the Baptist faith, we believe, dates from the first century.
Alabama could proclaim the Southern Baptist denomination its favorite.
So far, Celebration Cup is used in Communion services in more than 1,000 churches; Broadman & Holman, the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist denomination, has packaged and distributed the product to Christian bookstores nationwide; and the National Baptist Convention USA has endorsed the product to its churches representing 8.
Gaines said conservatives reclaimed the Southern Baptist denomination from "moderate and liberal theologians" 25 years ago, and Southern Baptists should "now lead the way .
is a vital Baptist denomination comprising over 1,800 churches with a membership of over 2.
A century after Winchester and Leland, the Baptist denomination was firmly established in the United States.
In a recent article in SBC Life, a publication of the Southern Baptist denomination, Hill lays out in detail how he preaches to public school students--even recommending specific brands of pizza as a come-on.
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