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a Christian sacrament signifying spiritual cleansing and rebirth

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Jagger then covers the years during which Gladstone accepted the doctrine of baptismal regeneration and moved to the "catholic-evangelical" position which Perry Butler's work on Gladstone's religious development has made familiar to us.
For many Stone-Campbell theologians, the practice of adult believer baptism requires an affirmation of baptismal regeneration (where God acts through baptism as a means of renewing life and forgiving sin) if we are to affirm the full range of biblical language about baptism.
As the Restorationists affirmed many Baptist beliefs and particularly the practice of immersing adults, the Baptists found themselves facing a type of baptismal regeneration unlike any other they had faced before.
Gorham, an evangelical clergyman, denied the doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration.
sanctification, and the meaning of baptismal regeneration.