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a Christian sacrament signifying spiritual cleansing and rebirth

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44) Historically, the baptism of the Spirit was a time when a believer gained the spiritual gifts of speaking in tongues, healing, and/or other discernible abilities for ministry.
writing on the issue of baptism of the Spirit, such as Fr.
He distinguishes two events in the life of Jesus: (a) the Incarnation, which took place when the Word assumed (human) sarx, whose result is the Word made flesh in the womb of Mary; (b) the anointing or baptism of the Spirit at the Jordan, when Jesus--the Word already incarnate--was anointed with the Spirit according to the flesh and made Jesus Christ.
Clifford interpreted those words by John to mean that water baptism was a "loose badge of discipleship" that would be replaced by Christ's permanent baptism of the spirit.