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African tree having an exceedingly thick trunk and fruit that resembles a gourd and has an edible pulp called monkey bread

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We were also able to visit two special baobabs in Morondava, the Sacred Baobab and the Baobab Amoureux.
We then examined specific baobab clusters and individuals in relation to available cultural evidence to infer agency of African migrants and possible time periods when they may have introduced the baobabs to South Asia.
12) Biogeographic studies of baobabs in Africa show that there is close association between past human settlements and the presence of the species.
Some time back, Ralph Stutchbury published an excellent book called Elephant, and now I have been privileged to acquire a copy of his new companion volume, Baobab.
Africans eat the fruit pulp and seeds of certain species of baobab, and the Japanese have used it to flavour the soft drink Pepsi Baobab.
More recently, the baobabs have become important ecotourism values as the A.
The African and Madagascarian baobabs are threatened with depletion or extinction for some species.
a Baobab producer based in Benin and Olympia, WA began collaborating with the Trade Hub to help advance Baobab's recognition and appreciation in the US market.
If through collaboration with Trade Hub we can open markets, create employment and revalue this resource, Atacora Essential could lead the charge for sustainable community development in Baobab producing regions.
In what is believed a world first, two giant baobab trees have been successfully moved from South Africa's Kruger National Park to the Mozambique border.
Baobabs can live thousands of years and are among the oldest living things on earth.
Thanks to this little prince and the voice of the author, the desert and its snakes, the sheep that eat the roses, the disorderly geographer, the sunsets, and especially the baobabs have entered the collective imagination of generations of readers.
Which is why books like Elephant and Baobab tend to be popular with hunters and travellers.
The protein content of the baobab fruit pulp was determined using kjeldahl method.