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The Directorate-General for Environment and Climate Affairs has collected Baobab tree seeds and replanted them in the Niyabat of Qairon Hairiti, in the Directorate's park in Salalah, in addition to the distribution of a number of them on the governmental and private entities.
They make fun of him for preferring books to climbing the village's majestic baobab tree, a feat that is considered a right of passage for all the boys who live there.
The family's spokesman, Temba Matanzima said that Tata (father) is gone and his presence was like a baobab tree that provided a comforting shade that served as protection and security for them, news.
Say hello to the oldest tree: The Parijt tree--and no one knows how many thousand years old it exactly is--is a sacred baobab tree in the village of Kintoor, near Barabanki.
I've never seen a baobab tree in real life so it's on my bucket list.
The film is set around the Zambezi river, on the Victoria Falls where a community of birds live together in perfect harmony in a huge baobab tree that serves as a restaurant, hair salon, hotel, school and massage parlour.
Did she really find her uncle's name carved into an ancient baobab tree in Zanzibar?
In 2008 a huge 750-year-old baobab tree was transported 3200 km from the Kimberley region to King's Park.
Every part of the baobab tree is reported to be useful for mankind (Venter and Venter, 1996).
Named after the baobab tree (aka adansonia digitata), the BaoBaB Psychedelic Music Festival was organized by the Psyleb community, which set up camp at the Baisour Country Club (some 5 km south of Aley) and kindly invited fellow psytrance aficionados to join in and camp out -- for cover charge of $85 at the door, or less during the pre-sale and late-bird periods.
Maiko misses his beautiful baobab tree that was at the center of his village.
The resort is offering a new spa experience, the Tree of Life Revitalising Body Treatment, with baobab tree oil products.
Throughout the continent, quite often the palaver tree is a baobab tree, in the shade of which important decisions dealing with daily life, special issues, and unforeseen problems affecting the harmony of the community are discussed and resolved.