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As a result, the civic citizenship of the Banyarwanda, the general term for people of Rwandan origin, has been vulnerable to political manipulation.
In 1972, dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, upon the recommendation of his Tutsi chief of staff, sought to end the confusion over the citizenship law by granting citizenship to all Banyarwanda residing in the DRC at the time of independence.
Social scientist Stephen Jackson has found that as early as 1973, some local authorities sought to deny national identity cards to the Banyarwanda despite the law granting them citizenship.
When the local indigenous authorities refused, the conflict evolved into a confrontation between the Banyarwanda and the recognized indigenous groups.
Among them were Rwigyema (second in command of the army, and later assistant defense minister) and Kagame, though Museveni's later withdrawal of hospitality forced the Banyarwanda RPF/RPA to leave Uganda and invade Rwanda.
Yolamu Rufunda Barongo, "Problems of Integrating Banyarwanda Refugees among Local Communities in Uganda: A Study of Refugee Settlements in Hoima and Kabarole Districts," in A.
The Banyarwanda newsletter at the time thanked [the American] for his "daily efforts and contacts on their behalf.
The Banyarwanda, whether the Bahutu, Batutsi or Batwa, have historically been harmonious, have shared the same culture, religion, speak the same language, and have always intermarried and lived side by side on the same hill sides.