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a member of any of a large number of linguistically related peoples of Central and South Africa

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During 2004-2005, field missions were initiated in remote villages of Bantus and Baka Pygmies in different areas of south Cameroon.
Alongside Baroba, they have all it takes in bravery, ability, self-sacrifice, resourcefulness, and extra-sensory perception to cope with helpless "Pygmies," servile Bantus, and a sadistic village leader.
With his third volume of griot stories, Kama Kamanda provides us with additional lessons of wisdom which he has taken generally from Africa's past and present, and specifically from his own personal Bantu traditions.
I'm watching their backs," Mohammed said, explaining that her own ancestry traces back to the ruling tribe in Somalia that persecuted the Bantus.
Under the contract, BGS is providing on-call, qualified Bantu interpreters to assist IRC caseworkers as they help the resettled refugees adjust to life in America and deal with the intricacies of shopping for food, obtaining medical care, applying for a Social Security card and finding employment.
The special school allows these children to study at least for a few years in an environment free from the discrimination and prejudice often suffered by central Africa s various Pygmy groups at the hands of majority Bantu peoples.
Ainda temos hierarquias dentro do terceiro mundo; os Bantus cacam aos Likoualas, etc.
Present day Kiswahili is a descendant of proto Kiswahili called Kingozi which is believed to be one of the languages spoken by the Washungwaya Bantus who were the ancestors of latter day speakers of various Kiswahili dialects (Amidu: 1995, Chiragdin & Mnayampala: 1977).
The Somali Bantus are descended from six African tribes originally living in regions in what are now known as Tanzania, Mozambique, and Malawi.
Makhulu Span] are also against the implementation of bantu authorities or any of the Government Scheme[s] for the betterment of the Bantu in the Tsolo district.
1) In the 1950s, with legislation such as the 1951 Bantu Authorities Act, the third era began with the Bantustan policies of grand apartheid, wherein the former reserves would become sovereign nation-states.
Helen's courage and debating skills spread wide over the turbulent years of Sharpeville, Verwoerd's assassination, the Bantustans and Bantu education laws.
She also identified tannin in sorghum, a tropical grass that both the people of Bantu Africa and those of Curacao used as part of their food supply.
The film notes that while he was Minister for Bantu Administration and Development, recently deceased president P.