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a member of any of a large number of linguistically related peoples of Central and South Africa

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Thereafter some 200 years of confrontational relations ensued that involved competition for land, disruption of traditional life through trader and missionary activities, subordination through European military superiority, and the creation of territories to provide an attempted representation of detribalized Southern Bantu people (Hammond-Tooke 1937: 367).
A lack of knowledge about the Somali Bantu people and their history can lead teachers to confuse the lack of experience the Somali Bantu have had with the English language, formal schooling, and U.
Botha (1916-2006) once claimed, "The Bantu people like being moved.
Generally, it is possible to identify three major African contributors to Brazilian society: the people who originated from the regions that later became known as Liberia, Nigeria and Ghana; and the Bantu people from Angola, Congo and Mozambique.
They spend half the year living in villages at the edge of the jungle where they labour for the local Bantu people in return for food.
I have today gathered information to the effect that these three men [alleged leaders of Makhulu Span] have told the Pondomisis that all the bantu people, instead of having all these different Chiefs, should strive to be under one chief and that chief must be ALBERT LUTILI [then president of the ANC].