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a flat bread made of oat or barley flour

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Catherine Brown, author of history book Broths to Bannocks, says the earliest reference to haggis is in Gervase Markham's The English Hus-wife.
Bannocks are a cross between a chewy oatmeal cookie and a biscuit.
To give the gift of time is as easy as frying up a dozen bannocks, bagging them, tying them with ribbon and including, maybe, a basket of different teas.
I am not sure where the author is referring to, but here is the history and recipe of Bannocks as we know it.
At night when the camp was made, wood had to be gathered, snow shovelled away to make down the bed, bannocks baked, dogs fed, moccasins repaired, and sock darned, then for a smoke and chat before the fire and among the storm-swept bluffs on that long and lonely trail.
I can't believe I've never done a recipe for bannocks in this column.
The latest arrival, EllieJane Bannocks, prompted a gathering of the grans to mark the all-female feat.
But a buffet of fancy butties, flans and the local delicacy, Selkirk bannocks, left many with a constit- utional crisis of their own.