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a public announcement of a proposed marriage

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It contained a photo of a beautifully designed war death official commemorative medallion and a remembrance that Albert Bann was killed on August 23, 1918.
Bann believes the seven Brotherhood members will find no problem relocating.
Indeed, Bann is determined to break with what he terms a 'Darwinian' view of the history of visual technologies.
Emeritus Professor of History of Art and a senior research fellow at the University of Bristol, Prof Bann edited the 1974 anthology, The Tradition of Constructivism.
Bann had watched Woods warm-up before the final round of the World Golf Championships event in Miami two weeks ago.
Boherna On Air and Sheepwalk Bann were both worthy nominations, and I'm hoping we get to see them here later on in the year, too.
The Upper Bann MP said it was now important to 'move forward' following his triumph in yesterday's leadership contest at the ruling council meeting in Belfast.
The Falcons were led by their 200 medley relay team of Lindsay Taylor, Megan Winchell, Jessica Bann and Jessie Stiles, which finished third in 1:52.
Visiting the Bann Tham Hin camp in Ratchaburi Province, 150 kilometers from Bangkok, Ogata expressed concern at the poor conditions and sanitation.
In this delightfully illustrated, thought-provoking work, Lassus, and sometimes colleague Stephen Bann, describe the experimental progression and its realization in three sections: early concepts and explorations; landscape theory drawn from the above; and descriptions of the studies and projects.
As Bann points out, Bargrave's life and works are significant because they traverse both the history of collecting, with its link to the origins of Western European museums, and the practice of early modern travel, particularly the relation of travel to exile during the Civil War period.
Bann Quimica of Sac Paulo, Brazil produces rubber chemicals, accelerators and antidegradants.
Bann, executive director of North Coast Harbor, Inc.
Some of them write to Bann Slannderr, noted columnist and advisor to the public.