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Synonyms for syndicate

Synonyms for syndicate

a combination of businesses closely interconnected for common profit

Synonyms for syndicate

a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities

an association of companies for some definite purpose

a news agency that sells features or articles or photographs etc

join together into a syndicate

organize into or form a syndicate

sell articles, television programs, or photos to several publications or independent broadcasting stations

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The problem with using this approach with franchise banking syndicates is that it is difficult to project banking services required until the collective volume can be studied in a pilot initiative, which will be addressed later.
Franchise systems may need to consider partial subsidization to secure full participation in banking syndicates.
The assignment of franchisees to banking syndicates should be of little consequence to the franchisees as the collectivization operates mainly in the background.
The implementation section has identified the significant infrastructure development a franchisor would need to effectively manage franchisee banking syndicates.
External management of the banking syndicate activity should also be considered because the infrastructure can only be leveraged over the franchise's own banking syndicates whereas an external management firm could leverage the infrastructure over multiple firms.