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uninhibited United States actress (1903-1968)

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Bankhead After his death, Euan's heartbroken family released a statement which read: "Academically gifted, talented and hard-working, he was the first in his family to go to university.
With experience of more than 500 dives in the River Wear, Mr Bankhead packed up his gear and headed back to his home city with one aim in mind, to find Euan and to bring closure for the Coulthard family.
Louis cemetery where Bankhead was buried more than a decade ago would never know his musical legacy.
Julie Struthers, of Bankhead Farm, said: "We have been having problems with people leaving the gate open.
Trees don't have much of an impact on bank stability until they're around 7 to 10 years old," Bankhead says.
Bankhead are in the USDA-ARS Watershed Physical Processes Research Unit, 598 McElroy Dr.
However, Bankhead is shrewd enough to know that the point of variation is to modify the theme, and accordingly he puts his shattered panes through the affective paces: Here, the lines of impact are jagged and cutting; there, as soft and woozy as a sea sponge.
The session required Bankhead to re-record a single line of dialogue from her last screen appearance in "Die
But while La Bankhead might have been too busy being bad to record what she was up to (although she did find time to stump up an autobiography in 1952), Joel Lobenthal has made it his life's work.
The American Correctional Association mourns the loss of William "Bill" Bankhead who served as the secretary for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice for five years and also served two terms on ACA's Juvenile Corrections Committee.
Such is the landscape as skillfully and colorfully portrayed by Jewelle Taylor Gibbs and Teiahsha Bankhead in this new and important book.
Edlee Bankhead, who at age 119 is also the son of a slave, filed the suit in New York.
Originally from Glais in the Swansea Valley, Bankhead, who has not long launched a muchacclaimed furniture collection, encourages the idea of marrying his lacquered polyester and polished chrome pieces with natural, dark timber antiques.
If she could witness Kathleen Turner attempting to portray her in Tallulah (directed by Michael Lessac), Bankhead probably wouldn't revise her statement.
First, plug in these names: Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Mercedes de Acosta, Alla Nazimova, and Tallulah Bankhead.