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banking: a time draft drawn on and accepted by a bank

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We determine if a decrease in the size of the market for Bankers Acceptances (BAs) from 1984 to 2000 led to an increase in the liquidity premium for BAs, which in turn changed the relative relation between BA rates and the rates on other money-market instruments.
In addition to open market purchases of bankers acceptances, the Federal Reserve Act authorized Reserve Banks "to buy and sell, at home or abroad, bonds and notes of the United States, and bills, notes, revenue bonds, and warrants.
The Purchase Price is financed by a hypothecary loan from Societe Financiere MCAP for an amount of thirteen million six hundred thousand dollars ($13,600,000), at the annual floating interest rate established on the bankers acceptances plus four hundred points per year.
The $26 million debt accrued after the global financier acquired several bankers acceptances (BAs) from Interfin Bank on a repurchase basis.
The new credit facility is a five-year amortizing loan with an interest margin of 2-1/2% over LIBOR or Bankers Acceptances.
Reserve Banks process checks and provide a nationwide network for the collection of items ineligible for processing through normal check collection channels, such as matured coupons, bonds, and bankers acceptances.
To achieve its objective, the fund intends to invest in a diversified portfolio of high quality money market instruments such as: certificates of deposit, commercial paper, medium-term notes, variable- and floating-rate notes, bankers acceptances, government issuances, and corporate bonds.
denominated Money Market instruments (Fed Funds, Bankers Acceptances, Certificates of Deposit, Deposit Rates, Forward Rate Agreements, Interest Rate Swap, plus more), an enhanced and expanded quote Alert function, and the calculation of Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP).
The instruments included in the Fiduciary Rate Broker suite include: Certificates of Deposit, Bankers Acceptances, Overnight Repos, Commercial Paper, Time Deposits, IRA's, Consumer and Business Loans and other loan or investment offerings.
commercial paper market as well as a significant number of bank CDs, bankers acceptances and other issues.
The module also offers a database of money market instruments including commercial paper, bankers acceptances and bank CDs.
The three-part facility will provide for letters of credit, bankers acceptances and working capital loans, a foreign exchange line of credit and an acquisition line.
Borrowings under segment one of the facility can also be made by way of tender loans, letters of credit and Bankers Acceptances.