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banking: a time draft drawn on and accepted by a bank

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s entry into World War I, the Federal Reserve's preferred media for open market operations were private bills of exchange, trade acceptances, and bankers' acceptances, (2) rather than public debt.
Gross bank assets including bankers' acceptances, decreased by 0.
Other amounts, such as discounts on bankers' acceptances or promissory notes, are not interest since there is no underlying debt.
The Group adopts a rigorous commercial approach, and 95% of its sales are made through bankers' acceptances, thereby reducing debtor risk significantly.
2) Trading in commercial paper issued by its client, government securities, promissory notes, bankers' acceptances, and other money market instruments, acting as a broker or acting on its own behalf.
According to Central Bank of the UAE's released monthly report, gross bank assets, including bankers' acceptances, increased by 0.
money market funds and other money market instruments including commercial paper, certificates of deposit, bankers' acceptances and corporate medium-term notes.
government agency securities, commercial paper, bankers' acceptances, repurchase agreements, collateralized bank deposits and the Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF).
Assets at banks, including bankers' acceptances, dropped 0.
The total size of trade finance assets outstanding globally is approximately $4 trillion, of which only about $500 billion, or 13%, is bank-intermediated in the form of bank products such as letters of credit, bankers' acceptances and trade loans.
The Company also has approximately $12 million in bank deposits and bankers' acceptances that are unaffected by liquidity issues impacting the ABCP market.