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banking: a time draft drawn on and accepted by a bank

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Bankers' acceptances are borrowings by banks on behalf of their customers for which the borrowing bank is liable (Luckett, 1984 and Ezeama, 1993).
We compare the rates (yields) on bankers' acceptances to the rates on certificates of deposits (CDs), financial commercial paper (CP), and eurodollar deposits (EDs).
15) A key motivation for Laughlin's support for a rediscount market for bankers' acceptances was to prevent the National Reserve Association from holding stock market securities as collateral when issuing loans to members.
A bankers' acceptance is a trade acceptance that has been guaranteed by the buyer's bank, at which point it becomes an obligation of the bank, rather than of the buyer.
38) Most important, there were no primary or secondary markets in bankers' acceptances, the era's main instrument of short-term international finance.
will, in turn, use the funds received under the bankers' acceptance to pay the Foreign Mfg.
MX also reached a new open interest record on the Options on the Three-Month Canadian Bankers' Acceptance Futures, reaching 211,700 contracts on December 4, 2013.
The facility will be primarily used for issuance of bankers' acceptance notes, Yalian Steel said.
Under the new credit facility, the interest rate for US dollar loans will be either LIBOR or the base rate under the new credit facility plus a margin, the interest rate for Euro loans will be the Euribor rate under the new credit facility plus a margin and the interest rate for Canadian dollar loans will be either the Bankers' Acceptance discount rate or the Canadian prime rate under the new credit facility plus a margin.
15% paid semi-annually in arrears until 2 November 2015, and, if not redeemed by CIBC, at the three-month bankers' acceptance rate plus 1.
2, 2015 and thereafter will be equal to the 90-day Bankers' Acceptance Rate plus 1% and will be payable quarterly.
644% until September 20, 2017 and the bankers' acceptance rate plus 1.
Processing transactions offered by Proponix include letters of credit, guarantees, bankers' acceptance, documentary collections and reimbursements.
The Mackenzie Canadian Managed Yield Capital Class Fund seeks to earn a rate of return equivalent to the bankers' acceptance rate, while the Mackenzie U.
ABN AMRO is working with UPS Capital Global Trade Finance to develop the back-end technology and trade services for companies doing business internationally, particularly the issuance and negotiation of letters of credit and subsequent bankers' acceptance financing.