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banking: a time draft drawn on and accepted by a bank

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government, prime Banker's Acceptances, money market funds, and highly-rated commercial paper.
a subsidiary of Bridge Information Systems (BRIDGE(R)), has been selected by the Canadian-based Investment Dealers Association (IDA) Primary Dealer Money Market Committee to be the official collector, calculator, and distributor of the 10:00am Canadian Bid Rates of Banker's Acceptances (BA) and Treasury Bills (T-Bill).
dollars by way of prime rate based loans, Banker's Acceptances, LIBOR loans or any combination thereof.
On the Run" Treasury data provided by Garvin Information Systems includes tick-by-tick data on Fed funds, bonds, notes, bills, Libor, Eurodollar, lending rates, commercial paper, banker's acceptances and Fed activity.
As a common business practice in China, Banker's Acceptances (BAs) are often used to settle payment instead of checks.