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the central bank of England and Wales

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I seemed to look strange at it, and told him I knew not what he meant; that I had no effects in the Bank of England that I knew of; and I hoped he could not say that I had ever told him I had.
I asked you last night,' said I, speaking to him, 'if ever I made any boast to you of my estate, or ever told you I had any estate in the Bank of England or anywhere else, and you owned I had not, as is most true; and I desire you will tell me here, before your sister, if ever I gave you any reason from me to think so, or that ever we had any discourse about it'; and he owned again I had not, but said I had appeared always as a woman of fortune, and he depended on it that I was so, and hoped he was not deceived.
She could not deny one word, but said she had been told in London that I had a very great fortune, and that it lay in the Bank of England.
The night we anchored in Falmouth Bay, thinking then of taking our gold straight to the Bank of England, as eccentric lucky diggers - that night I thought would be the last for one or other of us.
If you consent to come with us to Scotland, and serve as witness to the marriage, I shall be delighted to acknowledge my sense of your kindness in the eloquent language of the Bank of England, as expressed to the world in general on the surface of a five-pound note.
Frizinghall was our nearest town, and the Bank of England wasn't safer than the bank there.
I have been working in London for four months," he writes; "I have been to the Bank of England and elsewhere; and I have not found one man who will put one shilling into the telephone.
An interim report by consultants GFC Economics and Clearpoint Corporation Management, commissioned by Mr McDonnell, said: "The regional offices of the Bank of England and the Strategic Investment Board would ensure that productive lending is geared towards the needs of local businesses.
The Bank of England said some banks and building societies may continue to accept the old fiver after May 5: people should check their own bank or building society's policy.
The size of the required buffer will be decided individually for each bank, but the Bank of England said that smaller institutions which operate fewer than 80,000 accounts will not have to raise additional cash.
The Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee voted unanimously on 4 August to cut the Bank of England base rate to 0.
com/eu-brexit-2016-bank-england-governor-faces-grilling-uk-lawmakers-2332242) previous assurances from Bank of England Governor Mark Carney that he would avoid chiming in.
A senior source at the Rock says those other banks were given greater protection as the Bank of England desperately tried to shore them up.
The Bank of England could announce measures to force lenders to do just that later this week, with caps on how many times their income borrowers can get.
0% threshold rate under which the Bank of England has indicated that it would consider whether interest rates are at an appropriate level under its forward guidance, the bank has always stressed that an unemployment rate of 7.
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