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any of several weekdays when banks are closed

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The first bank holidays were introduced in 1871 and the view was that the term "bank holiday" conferred more authority on the day of rest than "public holiday".
Bank Hols : Bank holidays are announced by royal proclamation every year St Piran's Day is an unofficial bank holiday in Cornwall
It is said that all previous Bank Holiday records have been broken today.
But I can understand how some company owners feel that business loses momentum when there are too many bank holidays close together.
That being said from a business perspective it would be a real benefit if one of the bank holidays in May was changed to the latter part of the year, but I can't see that happening.
For tomorrow is May Day break and, on May 26, we will enjoy another Monday lounging around at home when it is Spring Bank Holiday.
Wales and England have the lowest number of statutory bank holidays in the European Union, with only eight bank holidays in both countries, she said.
If we are not to be given any more, in England perhaps we could move one of the May bank holidays to the first week in July as two bank holidays in May seems a touch excessive.
Cheapflights, a UK-based online travel company, has reported an increase in searches for seaside holidays for the August Bank holidays this summer, compared to previous years.
This leaves firms with the unenviable task of trying to find a balance between honouring bank holidays and employees' annual leave with their daily operational requirements in terms of staffing levels.
Summary: A report from an influential economic think tank has suggested Britain abandon some - or all - bank holidays whilst the economy recovers.
To: Tourism and Heritage Minister, John Penrose From: Terry Hamill, executive director of BNI Merseyside Re: May Day bank holiday WITH the extra bank holidays falling into a cluster this year, there has been an unusual amount of disruption to businesses - especially small to medium enterprises.
Sitting as it did between both the Easter holidays and the first of the May bank holidays it meant four working days lost in the space of 11 days, which some thought might cause major disruption for businesses.