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a holding company owning or controlling one or more banks

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An even more interesting question, from the viewpoint of the investment house, is whether the passport would be worth the nickel-and-dime nitpicking the Fed requires from the progenitors of bank holding companies.
Jim Leach, R-Iowa, have been pressing the Fed to use its power over bank holding companies to accomplish some of the same ends.
The lending patterns and off-balance-sheet activities of large and small bank holding companies have evolved and, most important, differences in the leverage of large and small companies have declined significantly.
Regular users of Fitch's ratings for US banks and bank holding companies will note that the rating relationship between these entities within the same family remained unchanged through the implementation of IDRs.
Continued Limited Inclusion of Trust Preferred Securities in the Tier 1 Capital of Bank Holding Companies.
Additional upgrades are likely to result in even greater concentration of bank holding companies in the Single-A category.
Asset and national ranking data are based on total assets reported by bank holding companies on Consolidated Financial Statements for Bank Holding Companies and by thrifts on Thrift Financial Reports.
McCullough, chairman of the Association of Bank Holding Companies.
ABA is the nation's largest bank trade association, representing community, regional and money center banks and bank holding companies, savings associations, trust companies and savings banks.
The uniform agreement's classification categories also apply to the classification of assets held by the subsidiaries of banks and bank holding companies.
We allow local management to operate with complete autonomy whereas the other bank holding companies have all moved toward more centralized decision making.
The combined company, to be called Regions Financial Corporation, will be among the nation's top 15 largest bank holding companies with $81 billion in assets.
New sections provide examiners with guidance on insurance sales activities and consumer protection in sales of insurance as the guidance pertains to financial holding companies (FHCs), bank holding companies (BHCs), or state member banks.
PITTSBURGH, June 22, /PRNewswire/ -- PNC Financial Corp (NYSE: PNC) and The First National Pennsylvania Corporation (NASDAQ: FNPC) announced today that regulatory authorities have provided all the approvals required for the merger of the two bank holding companies and for the merger of The First National Bank of Pennsylvania, based in Erie, Pa.
Order Approving the Formation of Bank Holding Companies